Minnesota Basket Weaver's Guild
Class Schedule for 2011
Saturday January 22, 2011 (Please note: this is the corrected date from an earlier posting) 
  Description Dimension Cost Instructor Time Level Tools

Faux Leather Basket 

This Faux Leather Basket is designed by Shirley Mount & Diane Gotham.  It has a solid base using fillers, basic start and stop weaving with a false rim to accentuate the change in shape. 

12" x 20" x 9",   not including the handle

$43.00 Shirley Mount 4-5 hours Not recommended for first time weavers, but anyone else can do this basket! Regular basketmaking tools

Heart Basket 

Traditional plaited open basket can be woven with natural or smoked spokes. A square base is twined to create the six cornered heart shape. Learn how to weave your first two rows at the same time; thus stabilizing up-stake spokes much easier. Red, pink, purple, natural and spring space-dyed flat weavers and round reed will be available to weave the basket body.
There will be three rim techniques:
  • twill tucked - easy or lace
  • lashed - with fancy trim option
  • saw-tooth

The instructor will demonstrate using paper twist for rim fill and how to make a (optional) bow. Decorative notions and wire ribbon will be available to individualize your unique Heart basket. This is a great basket for any gift: Valentine's Day, weddings, friendship, anniversary, mother's day, etc. This is not my pattern - it is a conglomeration of about three sources.

7-1/2" x 9-1/2" base x 4" height

$20.00 Louanne Hipp 4-5 hours


Student #s: Minimum 3 Maximum 7

Regular basketmaking tools
Saturday February 26, 2011
  Description Dimension Cost Instructor Time Level Tools

Viking Knit Bracelet 

Learn something new. Instead of weaving with reed, learn to weave with wire to make a beautiful Bracelet! Wire is woven on a Mandrel and then pulled through a drawplate to make a very attractive and impressive bracelet. There will be a choice between Silver or yellow gold wire for your bracelet and all wire is non-tarnish.

Please specify on your registration whether you want Gold or Silver, so I can have the correct amount of materials of each and don’t disappoint anyone.

Bracelet can be made to any length needed

$32.00 Pam Ihle 6 hours

All levels

Student #s: Minimum 6 Maximum 12

Please bring needle nose, side cutter or wire cutter and round nose pliers if you have them.

High Handled Basket 

Undemanding to weave, this roomy basket has a high wrapped handle or you may choose to leave the hardwood handle plain. Sturdy with lots of room for books, quilting, etc. Color reversal in both the triple twining and various reed widths fashions its eye-catching look. Rustic tones.

12" long x  12" high x  11" wide + handle

$52.00 Ellie Lida 4-5 Hours

All levels

Regular basketmaking tools

Diane’s Onion/Garlic Baskets 

These functional baskets will hold your new crop of onions and/or garlic. The main body of the baskets is made using twining-a main basket weaving technique-so anyone can try making these baskets. Both baskets should be finished in 4 hours.
Design by Diane Ericson

Varies, but the  garlic is approximately 4” X 4” X 4” and the onion is approximately 8”H x 6”W x 6”L

2 for $20 Jill Scarpari 4-5 hours


Student #s: Minimum 4 Maximum 12

Regular basketmaking tools
Saturday March 26, 2011
Description Dimension Cost Instructor Time Level Tools

Chairside Storage 

A wooden base and inserted legs makes this a very sturdy basket with many uses. The black arrow-weave adds a bit of drama and leather handles make it easy to move. Magazines, craft projects or kids toys could fill this attractive and functional basket.

9" x 12" x 10" tall

$58.00 Jo Guttormson

4-5  hours

All levels

Regular basketmaking tools

Recycler’s Plastic Bag
Dispenser Basket

Hold your plastic bags in a decorative basket that hangs on the wall or door knob for easy dispensing. Woven in a natural reed and accented in a choice of red, blue, green or smoked reed.

This basket was designed by Sherry Stephens.

Be sure to view the larger image via the link to the left to see the entire basket...

14" x 9"

$36.00 Alice Ford

6 hours

Medium level

Regular basketmaking tools
Saturday April 30, 2011
  Description Dimension Cost Instructor Time Level Tools

Open Picnic 

The base of this basket is reinforced with a second length of spoke to add stability. The 12” x 14” D handle is wrapped with ¼” f/f in a pattern to simulate the pattern that found on the body of the basket. The pattern is established by weaving in dyed weavers and multiple rows of twining with #2 round reed.

This is my own creation.

12" wide x   14" long x 5" high (handle is 14" high)

$52.00 Jeanie Wilcox

6 hours

All levels Regular basketmaking tools

Double Walled Shaker
Cat’s Head Basket

This Shaker Cat’s Head Basket has a solid green inner basket with a twill woven on the outer basket. If time permits, students can add a band of French Randing.

Approx. 9 -10” X 13-14” X 8 - 9” high. No handle.

$55.00 Janet Olney

6-8  hours


Student #s: Minimum 6 Maximum 15

Regular basketmaking tools

Diane’s Large Tote w/ leather handles Basket 

This class was to have been taught in February 2010 by Diane Ericson before she became ill.  Lynn Breault has offered to teach it in her memory.  Proceeds will be donated to the Sievers School of Fiber Arts in Door County Wisconsin.
A large tote has many uses!  I take mine routinely to the local Farmers Market.  The design comes from color placement of the stakes and weavers, and the leather handles are comfortable to carry.  We will add runners on the bottom for extra strength.  Some color choice will be offered.

16.5" x 12.5" x 12.5" tall

$60.00 Lynn Breault

6 hours

All levels

Regular basketmaking tools
Saturday May 21, 2011
  Description Dimension Cost Instructor Time Level Tools

Sumac Basket 

Using an original angled base and sumac colored (dyed) spokes, weave the bottom with natural weavers for contrast, then stack the top with dyed sumac weavers. Add a handle and lash with palm for the rim and waxed linen for lashers.

Approx. 7” x 9” angled base x 8” high

$49.00 Marlene Meyer

4-5 hours

Advanced Beginner

Regular basketmaking tools

Ruth’s Basket

This majestic basket reminds me of the Bible story about Ruth gleaning the grain fields. Starting with a 15” oak slotted base, the finished dimensions are approximately 20” in diameter and 8” high. Lovely handcrafted pottery handles accent the top.

Approx. 20" diameter and 8" tall

$67.00 Ellie Lida

6 hours

Experienced Beginner

Regular basketmaking tools

Summer Special Event - Stay Tuned for Details

Saturday September 24, 2011
  Description Dimension Cost Instructor Time Level Tools

Bountiful Market Basket 

This roomy market basket will tote anything you need to carry - from farmer's market produce to casseroles to craft supplies. Whatever it is, it will travel in style.

11" x 21" x 8"

$54.00 Jo Guttormson 4-5 hours All levels Regular basketmaking tools

Footed Quatrefoil Provender 

This elegant basket is a joy to weave. It has great techniques. A split-herringbone base sets the stage for the quatrefoil design to come. The cathead bottom and elegant side petals are woven with a continuous weave. Shaping is simple. The entire basket is woven on the table in a large circle. Insert the custom oak handle and your circle becomes a gracefully woven provender. Crown with a rolled border. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.

17" wide, 14" high at 10" spread handle

$55.00 Karen Kotecki 7-8 hours Intermediate

Student #s: Minimum 6 Maximum 12

1.Insta-set glue
2.Insta-cure Accellerator
3.Small spoke weight
4.Small metal clips w/plastic coated edges
Clips with teeth are OK, micro clips are not strong enough

12th Annual Basket Bingo - Saturday October 22, 2011

  Description Cost Time

The 12th annual Basket Bingo Fundraiser. Play bingo and win baskets! Come and enjoy fun door prizes, food and a raffle. Bring your friends and family, this event is always a lot of fun! Don't miss it!


$10.00 for a set of cards, additional cards available.

Food also available for purchase.

Doors open at 11:a.m.

Bingo starts at noon

Saturday November 19, 2011
  Description Dimension Cost Instructor Time Level Tools

Star Flower Basket 

The Star Flower is a beautiful bowl shaped basket that is just as pretty on the bottom as it is on the inside. You won't know which way to display it! It has a round base with twining and added dyed reed that give it the flower pattern, they come up the sides and enter into the braided border.
Pattern by Shirley Mount.

Approx. 11" diameter and 5" high

$29.00 Shirley Mount

4-5  hours

Advanced Beginner and above

Student #s: Minimum 5 Maximum 12

Regular basketmaking tools

Fretwork Christmas Ornament 

The basic ornament is taught using a 2-1/4" grooved wooden base hot glued onto each side of PVC pipe disk. Students will be able to select their wooden bases from a variety of styles, fretwork, grooved to insert coins, or plain to be painted or stenciled. Weaving is completed using either fine or 3mm cane.
Designed by Anne Coleman.
3.5" diameter $20.00 Jeanie Wilcox

3-4  hours

All levels

Regular basketmaking tools

Annual Christmas Party -Saturday December 10, 2011

  Description Time
  Annual Christmas Party, business meeting, potluck, and basket swap. Bring a food item to share and a basket to swap. This is another event you won't want to miss! 8:30- Noon

End of Class/Event Schedule for 2011

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